Hides for rent

Photograph sparrowhawk and small birds in Marnardal in the autumn or different kinds of birds of prey in the wintertime. All hides are easily accessible just a short walk from the road and opportunities to come by train. Available to pick you up at Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik and by the harbor in Kristiansand. New hides and tents are ready for use Autumn 2022.

2022/2023 season I have two new hides. 

Open field hide - for sparrowhawk chasing magpies and jays in the Autumn. In winter time you can get eagles and goshawk.       Only 7-30meters distance from the hide. It´s space for eight lenses and four lenses in laying position. Three minutes walk. Open from September 2022.

Pine forest hide  - Photograph small birds, woodpecker and goshawk in an old pine forest from only 5-10 meters distance. Warm and cosy, good place for four photographers. Fifteen minutes walk. Open from November 2022.

By the lake - new place for sparrowhawks and jays. It's three tents for four photographers. Ten minutes walk. Open from middle of September 2022.

Sparrowhawk season starts at the beginning of September and ends in the middle of October.

The winter season from middle of December to the middle of March. You have to stay in the hide until the guide picks you up. 

Prices for 2022:
  • 1500NOK - for one day
  • 1800NOK - for one day including stay overnight at Mjaaland Gaard. Four double rooms.
Separate prices for three or more. Contact me for info.

Check out the video filmed and produced by Steinar Eilerås.

From the old hide, but same place.


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